"whatever you can do or dream, begin it"
(J.W. Goethe)


The costs are depending on your individual interests and requests and the number of people. I am at your disposal for an estimate.

Home Sweet Home

It would be my pleasure to suggest the best solution for your stay in Rome : a charming hotel, an apartment in the heart of the city or a casual B&B.

Ticket Reservations

I take care of all kind of reservations and I purchase tickets in advance in order to avoid exhausting lines.
I do inform you about special opening hours and special sights, which are normally closed to the public and make arrangements if requested / desired.
Remember, we are always swimming against the stream!

Restaurants and more

I am happy to share my favorite places for all tastes (simple trattorias, local restaurants, high end choices, wine-bars and coffee-places, gelato-places…) off the beaten path. This way authentically food becomes a must in Italy. Buon appetito !

Papal Audiences,
mass services & ...

Papal Audiences, mass service in English and other liturgical functions.

It is my pleasure to inform you about important religious events, mass service held in English and religious concerts held in churches during your stay in the Eternal City.


Concerts, events
& festivals

It is my pleasure to keep you updated regarding the cultural life in Rome during your stay. It would be my pleasure to purchase Opera tickets and tickets for concerts of the Santa Cecila Symphonie Orchestra or take you to an important exhibition.


Around me
& Roman lifestyle

I would be most happy to suggest a guided tour in the immediate neighborhood of your residence in Rome in order to provide an understanding and a sort of ‘inside view’ of your surroundings making you feel at home and someway a ‘local Roman’.